Is a Miniature Poodle Right for You?

If you are searching for a dog who... -Is the best coated breed for allergy sufferers -Is conveniently sized and light weight -Is graceful but also rugged and athletic -Is extremely smart -Is easy to train & housebreak -Is one of the most popular breeds A miniature Poodle may be right for you! First - ignore the common misconception that poodles are 'sissy' dogs - nothing is further from the truth! TRAITS: The miniature poodle is very bright and one of the most attentive of all breeds, they are such a skilled reader of body language and expression, that they often appear telepathic. They are very affectionate and crave your love and companionship. They want to be with you always. Most miniature poodles make great watchdogs -- they will bark sharply at the door and they tend to be reserved (though polite and non-aggressive) with strangers. CHARACTERISTICS: The miniature poodle stands 11 to 15 inches tall and weighs 15 to 17 pounds. The red pups may be very red as a puppy, only to fade color as they age. Miniature poodles are miniature athletes. They excel in advanced obedience competition, where retrieving and jumping skills are required, and in agility (obstacle course) competitions, where they fly over and under and through the obstacles with a strength and grace that is breathtaking to watch. When it comes to training, this is an "A" student. LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: Poodles do just fine in any type of home, from apartments to estates, so long as they have regular exercise and plenty of human companionship. However, they prefer to live indoors with the family.

Or is a Cockapoo Best for You?

If your dog must... -Be affectionate and easygoing -Have the best of the two most popular breeds -Easily adapt to different living arrangements -Be low-shedding and low-odor -Crave the company of their owner A cockapoo may be for you! HISTORY: The cockapoo is the first of the “designer dogs” and dates back to the 1960s rather than to just a few years ago. Long before there were goldendoodles and labradoodles, cockapoos were the mixed breed of choice. Being a combination of two of the world's most popular breeds, cocker spaniels and poodles, this mix resulted in a happy-go-lucky, good will ambassador for the canine world. If ever there was a canine success story for achieving the best of both worlds, cockapoos are it. PERSONALITY: Cockapoos are companion dogs, intelligent enough to train easily, forgive quickly, and are so affectionate that you’ll never feel alone. They have an infectious zest for life that spreads to everyone around them...these guys are just plain happy to be alive. They are always ready to play, and when trained properly, are very good with children and other pets. They love their people and are incredibly intuitive, and will pick up on your routines, attitude, and emotions. These dogs are able to adapt to all types of living situations. It makes no difference to these dogs where they live as long as they live with people who love them. APPEARANCE: Being small enough to cuddle and big enough to romp with bigger dogs they are the perfect mix. These bright-eyed, scruffy-coated puppies can range from 13 to 20 pounds and between 11 and 15 inches high. The coats are full and fairly long and may be straight, wavy or slightly curled. They are generally low-shedding and fairly odorless under normal conditions.